cinta cintun hara :)

Sunday 19 June 2011

i have a great time to be super duper girl

now i smile like this :)

hye guys today i going to speaking LONDON 
(poyo right) :) mother say too me my life it going be okay 
do not be afraid to hurt sometime we have learn new thing in life..
yeah right mother i learn to be super duper girl in the would..
thanks mom giving me advice.... u are the only one understand me and know what 
i have to do in my life
you've done so much for .
and i wish i know how to repay you
you're the best, mom.  you're my inspiration. you're my strength.
i love you so much, mother. i always pray that i can make you proud.
i hope along the way, i have.
okay done! to type about my mother again mom thanks so much!

actually I do not know very good to speak in B.i..
why?why? (ohh sudah lame membuangkan bhasa ini dlm kehidupan ini ) 
his past few weeks have been tough for me, physically, mentally and emotionally.
i get on with life. i face what needs to be faced, and alhamdulillah, i feel like i'm back again =D
by the way i want talk about my boyfie mohd helmie
u are great person i know thanks too coming in my life dear...
know about u in something special okay really,really mean it!
many thing i learn be someone loyal, do not hurt someone else 
u open my eye....thank so much :)
what is past it past seriously i don't want remember  kind of the such thing
stupid thing i done! 
so now i have a great advice from my mom
now i back!!!!!! nuhara back! a great new right :)
now i so happy in my life.. life must go on whatever problem
just follow the step! learn to be strong lady .....
whatever problem trust yourself u can handle this problem~
do not forget to pray insyaallah.......


mohdhazlan Dreadlock said...

goodluck :)

nuhara said...

thks :)

AzwanRamli said...


ewanthology said...

tgh cari kamus.... nnt saya datang cni semula k. :-)

nuhara said...

azwan :thks dear

nuhara said...

delar:ok bukak kamus k :)

terlebih top :P