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Tuesday, 18 May 2010


never believed anything..
was beautiful in the would
pain loneliness and a little wearness
never let anyone into
my zero degree space
pattier be alone 
than think of anyone else
when two people together dont they only
just get a bit of corntort?
excpart the past
then forget at all 
never thoung one day my ending
would sundenly change
who would take held of
my weak arms?
why cry?
whos wrong?
who right?
who do you apologize for?
wont cry again?
enter degree space
wait for all to breck.
though love may be

well face it together
its prepare for a promise
never heard
how can i learn to accept
a tomrrow with more love?
exis a zero degree space
everythings finaly broken 
thoung love many tireme
i never regret it.
let down my defenses
nothing matters anymore
a new tomorrow!

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