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Friday 22 October 2010

hati sy dah DIKUBURKN

Now I want to bury my liver.

Please buy the tombstone for him.

anyone want my wounded heart now please

Because right now my heart is really no sense to my heart already DEAD!

New Buried

You all do not wake my heart yeah

I want him to die for you

I love my heart, I do not want to hurt her again at.

yeah please you all ..

I know when the liver injury there is no blood coming out

but I can feel my heart is really serious

I do not want to go to hospital my heart, because I know

blues want to heal my heart

Because silk is very soft, kind heart.

yaeh help my friends want to bear the pain could no longer ...

Why my heart is hard to want to heal?

I want my heart remains strong but gentle kind heart worm

I was at when will my heart, bury my heart at my

I was at the gravestone of her please do another SPIRIT

I want him dead for ever .....


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